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So You Want To Be An Internet Marketer?

Internet Marketer is what you want to be and earn money online?

Do you want to have a different lifestyle, work from home, or anywhere in the world and have tons of money? Oh and you do not have any money or very little money at the moment, so would like to be an IM for no cost or very little cost. Also, it would be nice if you had to do very little work to achieve the above? Have I got the gist of what you want so far?

Internet Marketer Lifestyle
Beautiful seashore with calm crystal clear water as part of the Internet Marketer Lifestyle.

Reality Check!

There is no such thing.

No Internet Marketer can be successful without the proper tools, and preferably a COACH/TRAINING. There is no magic push button available which you can press and magically you have everything as above. So, regardless of what you hear or see online, especially the $1.00, to $7.00 or even the $97.00 items which keep cropping up that will help you become an IM. Can you really expect to spend less than $100.00 (sometimes repeatedly buying products at this price) and have the IM lifestyle?

Minimum Required To Become An Internet Marketer

In my humble opinion.

You need to be willing to put a lot of time and effort into becoming an Internet Marketer. You need the proper mindset as well as the tools and preferably a coach/training or mentor.

Tools Required

This is not all the Tools and Requirements, but what I consider to be the minimum.

  • A Product to sell or in the early days become an Affiliate.
  • An Autoresponder.
  • An email List. ( If no List organically grow one which takes time, or alternatively pay to build a list for example Solo Ads or a combination of both).
  • Have an Email sequence to send out to your List.
  • A means to track your links, not important initially, but will need in future to ensure you know what is working for you.
  • A means to build a Landing Page or even a Funnel.
  • A Coach/Training OR Mentor to train and help you use the Tools above and keep you on the right path.
  • Most importantly the correct mindset as well as being able to put in the required time and effort.

The above links (in red) are some of the tools I use, but most IMPORTANTLY check them out as some of them are FREE tools that can substantially keep your costs down in the early days of starting.

If you have any questions or queries contact me here.